About FACE Awards

FACE Awards is a contest presented annually, highlighting the best and brightest in the digital makeup community. The word FACE stands here for Freedom & Artistry for Creative Expression.

Now in its eight year in US, the FACE Awards have mirrored the explosive growth of the digital beauty community. Last year, thousands of aspiring makeup artists submitted entries and a global audience watched them in streamed live finale in L.A. where one extraordinary finalist, Rachel Maksy (@rachel_maksy), received the esteemed title of 2018 Artist of the Year along with a significant prize package.


The FACE Awards contest has spread across the globe with several international competitions to recognize the best and brightest makeup artists from all corners of the world. All winners from the local competitions will be flown to Los Angeles to attend the FACE Awards Global Artistry Bash at WINNERS WEEK. Read more about prizes here.


Any established or up-and-coming makeup artist in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, over the age of 18, can participate in this pioneering digital makeup event. It consists of four stages and three creative challenges. Each round the participants will be selected based on criteria including creativity, artistry, educational value and presentation skills.


Our TOP 5 finalists will be found through public voting at our exclusive TOP 30 DINNER in Stockholm, Sweden on June 13. Once the TOP 5 have been found, they will be presented with their 3rd and last challenge after summer. When the time comes to choose the 2019 Nordic Artist of the Year, a panel of industry experts will review the TOP 5 submissions and pick a winner! Excitement. Is. Real.


Want more reasons to sign up? Look no further! All our TOP 30 contestant will get a massive product package from NYX Professional Makeup plus a ticket to the exclusive TOP 30 DINNER in Stockholm. The lucky (and talented!) winner will receive the title of Nordic Artist of the Year, win a € 10 000 cash prize and get to travel to L.A. for Winners Week. So what are you waiting for?! Apply before April 29!